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Ishares Core S&p 500 Etf (NYSEArca:IVV)
Stock Analysis

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Stock Analysis

The following stock analysis is based on 7.4 years of data (i.e. since Mar 18, 2013). All the stock history has been downloaded.

Stock Exchange

Ishares Core S&p 500 Etf trades on the NYSEArca exchange in USD dollars.


It is in the sector.

Current Status of Ishares Core S&p 500 Etf

It is currently trading at $335.71 ($333.45 the previous day).It pays a 1.43% dividend.


The current Canada / US exchange rate is 1.32964.

Will This Trend Continue?

The year over year average increase is 9.5% per year assuming steady exponential growth. The actual 5 year average is 8.06. Details on the individual increase in one year intervals is provided below.

Past PerformanceAverage PricePercent Change
1 year302.349072093027.1- Below Average
2 year282.346987951815.2- Below Average
3 year268.3706224066415.5+ Above Average
4 year232.2603265306113.1+ Above Average
5 year205.29745247148-0.6- Below Average


The worst drop it has had in recent years is -33.9%. It has a shape to the stock curve, which means

Stock shape test


With an average increase of 9.5% year over year, if Ishares Core S&p 500 Etf is bought at the worst time, Stockmarketizer analysts estimate it will take 42.8 months before the stock will recover to the original purchase price.

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