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Costco Wholesale Corporation (NASDAQ:COST)
Stock Analysis

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Stock Analysis

The following stock analysis is based on 7.5 years of data (i.e. since Feb 08, 2013). All the stock history has been downloaded.

Stock Exchange

Costco Wholesale Corporation trades on the NasdaqGS exchange in USD dollars.


It is in the consumer-c sector.

Current Status of Costco Wholesale Corporation

It is currently trading at $329.32 ($325.53 the previous day).It pays a 0.81% dividend.


The next reporting date is in 52 days (2020 09 25).

CNN estimates profits for the upcoming quarter will be $2.71 per share ($50.9B). The current Canada / US exchange rate is 1.33981.

Over the past 12 months, $0 worth of shares have been purchased and $27251472 worth of shares have been sold by insiders.

Will This Trend Continue?

The year over year average increase is 17.3% per year assuming steady exponential growth. The actual 5 year average is 16.96. Details on the individual increase in one year intervals is provided below.

Past PerformanceAverage PricePercent Change
1 year300.4024602678629.5+ Above Average
2 year232.0015601769924.9+ Above Average
3 year185.818033472814.7- Below Average
4 year161.936065573775.2- Below Average
5 year153.9267045454510.5- Below Average
Costco Wholesale Corporation is projected by analysts to get to $330.00 within the next 12 months (0.2%), but preticted targets range from as high as $375.00 (13.9%) and as low as $235(-28.6%).


The worst drop it has had in recent years is -22.2%. It has a steady shape to the stock curve, which means the stock continues on a consistent trend except during extreme periods of volitility, but usually recovers quickly. These stocks are very safe and do not have to be checked often.

Stock shape test


With an average increase of 17.3% year over year, if Costco Wholesale Corporation is bought at the worst time, Stockmarketizer analysts estimate it will take 15.4 months before the stock will recover to the original purchase price. The P/E value is 39.4. The stock is over valued as the industry standard in the consumer-c sector is a P/E of 21.63.

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