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Alps Clean Energy Etf (BATS:ACES)
Stock Analysis

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Stock Analysis

The following stock analysis is based on 2.1 years of data (i.e. since Jun 29, 2018). All the stock history has been downloaded.

Stock Exchange

Alps Clean Energy Etf trades on the BATS exchange in USD dollars.


It is in the sector.

Current Status of Alps Clean Energy Etf

It is currently trading at $49.6843 ($48.61 the previous day).


The current Canada / US exchange rate is 1.3385.

Will This Trend Continue?

The year over year average increase is 34.2% per year assuming steady exponential growth. The actual 5 year average is 14.75. Details on the individual increase in one year intervals is provided below.

Past PerformanceAverage PricePercent Change
1 year33.18988317307725.1+ Above Average
2 year26.533884.4- Below Average
3 year25.40960- Below Average
4 year0- Below Average
5 year0- Below Average


The worst drop it has had in recent years is -43.8%. It has a shape to the stock curve, which means

Stock shape test


With an average increase of 34.2% year over year, if Alps Clean Energy Etf is bought at the worst time, Stockmarketizer analysts estimate it will take 15.4 months before the stock will recover to the original purchase price.

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